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"Guardian angels come in all shapes, sizes, and breeds."

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From the Cover

"Do you ever wonder what your dogs are thinking? How they feel? What they’re dreaming about as they run, whimper, bark, and growl in their sleep? Who or what they’re playing with when they romp around all by themselves? What they’re looking at when all you see is a blank wall or an empty doorway? Will we see them again after they’ve gone? Are they still here watching over us – helping, perhaps even snuggling with us like they used to? What if they wrote and sent you a story from the great beyond?

This Dog’s Afterlife answers those questions. Tucker, the canine narrator, takes the reader on an adventure starting from the most unlikely of places: the last day of his life. At that moment, he realizes that the end is really just a new beginning. Tucker encounters many new wonders and finds he has much to learn. Fortunately, he has help in the form of his father, Rocket, and a cast of canine characters who show him the ropes. Along the way, he learns that some souls don’t immediately move on to the afterlife, but instead, find themselves adrift. Those souls can be found and helped, but it’s a delicate and dangerous task. When he tries to rescue the lost soul of a young boy, Tucker realizes that even after death, sorrow is a very real, very tangible thing, and that there are still fears to overcome and hard choices to be made."

What People Are Saying About


Warming View of the Afterlife!

"The beginning of this book brought back a flood of emotions and memories from dogs we have lost previously. However I took great comfort in reading Shockley's take on the afterlife. It was not only touching in regards to animal death, it is also a comforting reminder for human passing. I enjoyed reading about the spiritual side and the rescue of a lost little boy's soul. My absolute favorite part of the book was a reference to dogs having souls just like humans - in fact every living thing has a soul! It's a wonderful read with a happy ending!"

AMAZON REVIEW: Fantastic Read!

"A beautifully written story about the afterlife we all dream of, told from the dog’s point of view. A sweet, sweet story."

AMAZON REVIEW: A sweet book for bedtime!

"This is a terrific book to read to a young child at bedtime. The story is straight forward and easy to comprehend and it stars some very adorable talking dogs (and what child does not love talking animals?). It is a lovely story for any child but if your family has recently experienced the loss of a beloved pet it is even more appropriate (given the title I don't think that counts as a spoiler).

It might be a bit saccharine for the adults but the kids will eat it like Ice Cream with a spoon. Also it could have used another editing pass. I have a terrible eye for editing mistakes so if I catch a few then there are undoubtedly a few more.

The one thing that would make this book even better would be a large size print version with some sweet illustrations. Of course publishing being what it is that is only going to happen if some publisher gets behind it with some $$$. So come on New York!"


"An absolute MUST read for anyone who has lost a dog. Truly a story that makes you wonder and think about what your late dogs are doing and how they come visit you. You will shed tears!"


"Delightful book to read for the holidays. Lots of great character descriptions leading to a poignant ending. Enjoyed this immensely."

GOODREADS REVIEW: I am enjoying the memories of and created by 'This Dog's Afterlife'.

"The read is not a difficult one, nor was it, I suspect, designed to be. Please do NOT misinterpret my previous sentence to indicate that this book did not take you on a journey of emotions...because it did.

Let me now admit that I am a dog lover, so that may (and probably did) have a major impact on how I interacted with Dave Shockley's story. I even believe that this story explains an event that happened while I was reading the story...but to explain further would prove to be a spoiler, so that's all I shall say at this point.

Worth the read? Definitely. BUT READ AT YOUR OWN RISK...there are sequels and you might just want to read another one. For me, for now, I am enjoying the memories of and created by 'This Dog's Afterlife'.

AUDIBLE REVIEW: Beautiful story and great narration!

"What a lovely story. Listening to this story made me think of all my beloved pets that have long since left this world, and I'd like to imagine them having an afterlife as depicted in this book. Linda Graves read the story with such heart and compassion and each character was distinct and very enjoyable. She handles the heart of the story so well along with the wry humor that is sprinkled in here and there. She is very enjoyable to listen to as you go on this journey with Tucker. The writing has some beautiful descriptive passages that make you pause and rewind to hear them again, and the setting and characters are described so vividly that you can really picture it all as you listen along. This is a good story for all ages and would be great for a family road trip!"

This Dog's Afterlife
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