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What People Are Saying About David's Work


Below are just some of the reviews from Amazon, GoodReads, Barnes & Noble, and more...

"Very fun!" (LINEAGE)


"I like the local feel to the characters, Shockley does a great job with the narrative. Feels very real. I really enjoyed this book and I am waiting for the next one!"

"WAY more than just vampires!" (LINEAGE)


"You know that phrase “more than meets the eye?” That’s an apt description of this book! From the cover, you of course think “vampire novel,” but it’s that and a lot more. Adventure, fight scenes, a modern setting, mysteries, trail hikes, fantasy — plus some great other details I don’t want to spoil — ride right along with the vampire.

It’s a fun and FAST read, despite the page count, because Shockley keeps the story moving. Once the action starts, it only takes a couple of breathers, and the characters introduced throughout are both surprising and delightful. Oh, and if you like strong female characters? Definitely pick this one up! In fact, I’m impressed with how diversity is approached in this novel. Gender, race, sexuality, and cultural repression issues are woven throughout the story in a seamless way without overwhelming the fun. I find the inclusion of these topics especially refreshing for a book of the fantasy genre (we need more of this!). Bonus points for fun pop culture references from the 80’s to present day!"

"Takes me back to the Rankin-Bass days" (THE ELVES)
5 Out Of 5 STARS


"I love this book! It paints such an amazing picture of the North Pole that you feel like you're there with the reindeer, Santa, and of course the elves. The author treats the whole setting with the same loving thought that you find in the old Rankin-Bass Christmas specials; in reading it, you feel as if the sights (and smells - there's a lot of cooking in this book) are coming to life all around you. For adults, there's a pure joy of reading this book that reminds you what it's like to be a kid, with that huge sense of wonder and awe that comes about at Christmastime. It's a great book to read aloud with children during the holiday season, although parents should be prepared to think up a tune or two - there are elf songs in the book, so get ready to sing!

In addition to being full of descriptions that immerse you in everything North Pole, this is also a heartwarming little book. The theme of home and what/where that is runs throughout the story, and there's a wonderful approach to family and friendship and where the two intertwine. Be warned: this little book may require a tissue or two at the end, but it is SO worth it. Thoroughly recommend for children and adults."

"Warming View of the Afterlife" (THIS DOG'S AFTERLIFE)

5 Out Of 5 STARS

"The beginning of this book brought back a flood of emotions and memories from dogs we have lost previously. However I took great comfort in reading Shockley's take on the afterlife. It was not only touching in regards to animal death, it is also a comforting reminder for human passing. I enjoyed reading about the spiritual side and the rescue of a lost little boy's soul. My absolute favorite part of the book was a reference to dogs having souls just like humans - in fact every living thing has a soul! It's a wonderful read with a happy ending!"

"Lovingly addresses a heavy topic" (THE ELVES)


5 Out Of 5 STARS

"This book has so much to draw all ages in. The story brings the North Pole to life and looks at a different perspective than many Christmas stories. On the surface, as a light story it is quite entertaining. But it has many layers that could be discussed and could be appropriate for a book club. I can't wait to read it to my daughter when she's old enough to attend to chapter books."


"Delightful!" (THE ELVES)

5 Out Of 5 STARS

"Delightful book to read for the holidays. Lots of great character descriptions leading to a poignant ending. Enjoyed this immensely."

"Fantastic Read" (THIS DOG'S AFTERLIFE)

5 Out Of 5 STARS

"A beautifully written story about the afterlife we all dream of, told from the dog’s point of view. A sweet, sweet story."

"An absolute MUST read" (THIS DOG'S AFTERLIFE)

5 Out Of 5 STARS

"An absolute MUST read for anyone who has lost a dog. Truly a story that makes you wonder and think about what your late dogs are doing and how they come visit you. You will shed tears!"

"Five Stars!" (THE ELVES)

5 Out Of 5 STARS

"Immersive, whimsical, and magic. Mr Shockley reminds us that the power of youth lies in the heart, not the body. A must read."

"Fall in love with the characters" (LINEAGE)

5 Out Of 5 STARS

"Don’t start this book unless you have a lot of free time. The storyline just keeps moving, which didn’t allow for easy breaks to put it down. You will start reading, fall in love with the characters, be pulled into the adventures, and then forget to do the things that are on your to do list for those days. I speak from experience.

The scenes had such a local flair for those of us who have spent time in Virginia. I can’t wait to read the second book in the series to find out where the characters lives take them and to get to know some of the ones who were talked about, but didn’t meet yet. (Will we meet Elizabeth and hear her story?). I highly recommend this fast-moving adventure story with exquisite details and lovable characters."

"Super FUN Read!" (LINEAGE)

5 Out Of 5 STARS

"Super FUN read! Lots of twists and turns to keep the reader hooked. Can’t wait for book two!"

"Not just another Vampire series!" (LINEAGE)

5 Out Of 5 STARS

V"ampires, you say? I’m in. Fantastical beings and the possibility of stumbling upon them in the woods, even better.
The story moves quickly bringing to life a vivid, beautiful world and a wonderfully diverse and charming ensemble.
I hate reviews that hint at details of the story, so just know that I thoroughly enjoyed this adventure and am eagerly anticipating Book 2.

Allow yourself to be drawn into Michael’s world; you’ll be glad you did."

"Fantasy fiction for the "FRIENDS" crowd" (LINEAGE)

5 Out Of 5 STARS

"I self identify more as a Monica than a Bella, so I was surprised to be drawn into this book about vampires and elves so completely. The story is fantastic and yet relatable, weaving pixies, brownies, and dragons with the familiar world of Alexa, craft breweries, and chocolate milk, and I found myself relating to the characters in a real way. The strong female (and remarkably human) characters along with the recently minted vampire lend a recognizable and thoughtful perspective for readers new to the genre with no need for heavy exposition. Instead, the author plops the reader immediately into the world of the book, with the fast-moving plot sweeping seamlessly from the Blue Ridge Parkway into the parallel Elven world of Fae, bringing the good-natured dogs along with the reader for a phenomenal adventure. As relationships developed and new mythical creatures were introduced, I found each plot turn engaging and, more interestingly, I was struck by how these characters, with differing magical delineations, could authentically grow into such fast friends."

"A tale you never want to end!" (LINEAGE)

5 Out Of 5 STARS

"I enjoyed this book so much. The author’s imagination and vivid description has you right there and leaves you wanting more. Be prepared to not be able to put it down! I’m anxiously awaiting book 2!

"What a journey!" (THE ELVES)

5 Out Of 5 STARS

"What a journey! The author uses words as his medium and paints such a wondrous landscape for the reader. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the stories within our culture that it brought to life. The message is something that brings depth to the book and left me deep in thought. Each of the characters was fun; I just wish we could get to know them a little better. This would be a terrific read-a-loud book. Any plans to make an audio version, Mr. Shockley?"

"Deep meaning!" (THE ELVES)

5 Out Of 5 STARS

"Although this book is written for a much younger audience, I enjoyed it very much. There were a great deal of subtle metaphors that created a very deep meaning over top of the fun and whimsical story. The authors use of food and nature metaphors to provide deep insight into life, love and happiness was almost as magical as the elves in the book. I am totally stoked for Christmas after reading this book."

"Whimsical!" (THE ELVES)

5 Out Of 5 STARS

"This whimsical Christmas tale was a joy to read. A story about a young boy's journey to the North Pole during WWII.
Jimmy has been in hospital for quite some time and though no one has come right out and said it it's obvious to him that he's not getting better. His father is overseas fighting in Europe while his mother keeps a bedside vigil at St. Joseph's Hospital's children ward with Jimmy. Just before Christmas Jimmy is visited by Santa and invited to visit the North Pole. Jimmy eagerly accepts and his adventures begin.

Our young friend meets playful elves, story-loving dragons, hard-working dwarves and a multitude of curious and wonderful new friends.

Shockley paints a vivid and imaginative picture of the North Pole and its inhabitants. A wonderful holiday story for all ages."

"Buckle up and hang on!" (HERITAGE)

5 Out Of 5 STARS

"Buckle up and hang on! This second book in the FATE series reads incredibly fast for its size. Why? Because you won't want to put it down! I power-read this in record time because the author keeps the reader engaged, whether by introducing new characters not seen in Book 1 (hint: these personalities are fantastic additions to the cast), moving quickly between scenes to keep you turning the page, or describing a setting so precisely that you feel as if you're immersed in the scene, not just watching it.

By the way, if you like reading a book where you regularly exclaim, out loud, "..wait, WHAT?!?" or "What just...?!?" or even "WTF?!?" - this is a book for you. The author keeps it unpredictable in the best way. There is also a clear evolution of the storyline between LINEAGE and HERITAGE: while the first book dazzled with its introduction of characters, worlds, and races you don't expect, this second title digs in, expands those worlds, and introduces levels of complexity that add richness to the story and complications to the plot lines.

The only problem with this book is that Book 3 isn't out yet!!!"

"Beautiful story and great narration!" (THIS DOG'S AFTERLIFE)

5 Out Of 5 STARS

"What a lovely story. Listening to this story made me think of all my beloved pets that have long since left this world, and I'd like to imagine them having an afterlife as depicted in this book. Linda Graves read the story with such heart and compassion and each character was distinct and very enjoyable. She handles the heart of the story so well along with the wry humor that is sprinkled in here and there. She is very enjoyable to listen to as you go on this journey with Tucker. The writing has some beautiful descriptive passages that make you pause and rewind to hear them again, and the setting and characters are described so vividly that you can really picture it all as you listen along. This is a good story for all ages and would be great for a family road trip!"

"A Dog's Eye View of Life" (THIS DOG'S AFTERLIFE)

5 Out Of 5 STARS

"Amazing, insightful, consoling, and disturbing simultaneous in its experience. Anyone who has been gifted with sharing in
The companionship of a dog will complete!y resonate with Mister Shockley's insights. A must read for anyone who has suffered the loss of a beloved canine companion you will not want to put the read down nor the tale (tail?) to end. Can 't wait to begin the next let of the adventure!! Thank You for a wonder-full read!!!"

"Stand Up and Cheer, St. Nick is Here!" (THE ELVES)

5 Out Of 5 STARS

"Heart warming, soul stirring wonder-ful. A stand up and cheer read that will leave you smiling inside and out!
With David Shockley ability to take the imagination on journey anything becomes possible. Once you pick this up you won't
Want to put it down. Well done yes Santa does exist and so does the power of love. A must read for any who seek healing
And know the miraculous. Bravo!!"

"Magical and Magnificent!" (LINEAGE)

5 Out Of 5 STARS

"What an exciting read and an amazing journey into a fantasy world. The characters all have compelling and believable personalities...which is surprising since most are elves, werewolves or ferries. I got lost in the a good way...and found my thoughts drifting back to the plot whenever I wasn't reading.

Looking forward to Book 2 and future works from this author."

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