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David Shockley has been writing novels for over two decades, or most of his adult life. His works universally reflect such themes as the strength of family - regardless of its makeup - personal conviction, and the courage to find good in the world, wherever and in whomever it resides. He loves sports and music, is a fanatical movie enthusiast, cotton candy addict, and has never met a roller coaster or thrill ride he didn't like.

David was a 2010 national karate champion in kata as well as silver medalist in kumite for his age-group. His favorite bands include The Ramones, Great Big Sea and Creedence Clearwater Revival. His favorite authors include Jack London, William Shakespeare, Elmore Leonard and Stephen King. He currently lives in Virginia and has spent most of his life in and around the ocean. His love of longboarding has been a great source of fun and relaxation since he was a kid. He encourages everyone he meets to try it at least once.

Random Pictures of Dave

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