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Released: November 21, 2014

AVAILABLE FORMAT(S): Paperback / eBook / Limited Edition (Coming Soon) / Audiobook (Coming Soon)

"The magic of Christmas is real and Jimmy Peterson will experience it firsthand tonight! Not only that, he'll embark on an adventure unlike anything he could possibly dream."

From the Cover

"Jimmy Peterson is sick. Very sick. Living within the children’s ward at St. Joseph’s Hospital at the height of World War II, Jimmy suspects that his illness is far worse than anyone will admit, especially to him. But Jimmy knows better: endless medications, constant pains and wracking coughs are the unfortunate realities of his days. One wakeful night in the ward, he receives an unexpected visit from none other than Santa Claus. Saint Nick invites Jimmy on an adventure, one which will grant him a brief respite from the illness that plagues him. Of course Jimmy accepts and within moments finds himself sitting wide-eyed in Santa’s sleigh, soaring through snowy skies behind eight flying reindeer.

When they arrive at the North Pole, Jimmy meets an assortment of extraordinary characters, all of whom are eager to introduce him to the many marvels of their home. Each encounter is more astonishing than the last, from cooking classes with elves to mice that talk to the endless wonders of Santa’s workshops. He enjoys every magical moment, relishing the contrast to life in a children’s ward, with its frightened patients, unsavory medicines and desperate parents. Despite his delight, Jimmy constantly struggles to conquer the fear that wells up inside him when he faces the reality of returning to the ward. More than his own pain, Jimmy dreads the impact his illness will have on his family if his health continues to decline."

What People Are Saying About


Thoroughly enjoyable read!

"I remember watching Tim Allen's first Santa Clause and feeling a sense of wonder as we got to explore that interpretation of Santa and the North Pole. This book gave me that exact same feeling as I got to experience the world and lives of Santa and his many helpers - through the eyes of young Jimmy.

If this book doesn't put you in the Christmas spirit of goodwill and cheer than I'm not sure what else possibly could."

AMAZON REVIEW: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for Christmas!

"The author takes you along for a ride around Santa's workshop much like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory moved you through the...chocolate factory. Santa's workshop comes alive with magic like never before. The descriptions will keep you imagining long after you have finished reading. The story shows Santa as a figure not only delivering presents to the world, but one that influences and impacts our lives and history itself."

Takes me back to the Rankin-Bass days!

"I love this book! It paints such an amazing picture of the North Pole that you feel like you're there with the reindeer, Santa, and of course the elves. The author treats the whole setting with the same loving thought that you find in the old Rankin-Bass Christmas specials; in reading it, you feel as if the sights (and smells - there's a lot of cooking in this book) are coming to life all around you. For adults, there's a pure joy of reading this book that reminds you what it's like to be a kid, with that huge sense of wonder and awe that comes about at Christmastime. It's a great book to read aloud with children during the holiday season, although parents should be prepared to think up a tune or two - there are elf songs in the book, so get ready to sing!

In addition to being full of descriptions that immerse you in everything North Pole, this is also a heartwarming little book. The theme of home and what/where that is runs throughout the story, and there's a wonderful approach to family and friendship and where the two intertwine. Be warned: this little book may require a tissue or two at the end, but it is SO worth it. Thoroughly recommend for children and adults."

Lovingly addresses a heavy topic!

"This book has so much to draw all ages in. The story brings the North Pole to life and looks at a different perspective than many Christmas stories. On the surface, as a light story it is quite entertaining. But it has many layers that could be discussed and could be appropriate for a book club. I can't wait to read it to my daughter when she's old enough to attend to chapter books."


"Delightful book to read for the holidays. Lots of great character descriptions leading to a poignant ending. Enjoyed this immensely."

A must read!

"Delightful book to read for the holidays. Lots of great character descriptions leading to a poignant ending. Enjoyed this immensely."

GOODREADS REVIEW: Stoked for Christmas!

"Although this book is written for a much younger audience, I enjoyed it very much. There were a great deal of subtle metaphors that created a very deep meaning over top of the fun and whimsical story. The authors use of food and nature metaphors to provide deep insight into life, love and happiness was almost as magical as the elves in the book. I am totally stoked for Christmas after reading this book."

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