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From the Cover

Vampires exist.

Michael knows this because one attacked him when he was twenty-one years old.

What Michael doesn’t know is who she was, how it happened, or why she did what she did. What little he does know about being a vampire, he learned the hard way. The self-taught way.

He’s also alone.

Michael knows THAT better than anything else. In fact, he’s become quite adept at being isolated, because he’s never met or even sensed another being like himself—another vampire. Not once, not ever.

What Michael doesn’t know is that a chance encounter will drag him out of exile and thrust him into an adventure stranger than anything he could possibly imagine. He won’t be ready for most of it, either, because not even an immortal creature of the night could predict what comes next.

Not even close.

What People Are Saying About LINEAGE

AMAZON REVIEW: WAY more than just vampires!

"You know that phrase “more than meets the eye?” That’s an apt description of this book! From the cover, you of course think “vampire novel,” but it’s that and a lot more. Adventure, fight scenes, a modern setting, mysteries, trail hikes, fantasy — plus some great other details I don’t want to spoil — ride right along with the vampire.

It’s a fun and FAST read, despite the page count, because Shockley keeps the story moving. Once the action starts, it only takes a couple of breathers, and the characters introduced throughout are both surprising and delightful. Oh, and if you like strong female characters? Definitely pick this one up! In fact, I’m impressed with how diversity is approached in this novel. Gender, race, sexuality, and cultural repression issues are woven throughout the story in a seamless way without overwhelming the fun. I find the inclusion of these topics especially refreshing for a book of the fantasy genre (we need more of this!). Bonus points for fun pop culture references from the 80’s to present day!"


"I like the local feel to the characters, Shockley does a great job with the narrative. Feels very real. I really enjoyed this book and I am waiting for the next one!"

AMAZON REVIEW: Fast-paced thriller!

"This book starts as a vampire story set in Central Virginia but quickly becomes so much more! Despite the length of this book, it is a quick read because the chapters are short and the action keeps moving. The author’s descriptions of the characters are vivid and detailed; that of the scenery is breathtaking and instantly transports you. With pop culture references this story is fun and not too dark, yet the fantasy story tackles issues of relevance in today’s (real) world. So glad to see some badass female characters! Looking forward to Book 2!"

BOOKBUB REVIEW: Fun, unexpected fantasy!

"Such a fun, unexpected fantasy novel! What starts out as a vampire story quickly becomes much more. Shockley weaves humorous pop culture references throughout a story that travels from Central Virginia to another realm filled with characters so descriptive that the reader feels instantly transported to the heart of the action! Easy to read and hard to put down. Leaves you wanting even more."

GOODREADS REVIEW: Fall in love with the characters!

"Don’t start this book unless you have a lot of free time. The storyline just keeps moving, which didn’t allow for easy breaks to put it down. You will start reading, fall in love with the characters, be pulled into the adventures, and then forget to do the things that are on your to do list for those days. I speak from experience.

The scenes had such a local flair for those of us who have spent time in Virginia. I can’t wait to read the second book in the series to find out where the characters lives take them and to get to know some of the ones who were talked about, but didn’t meet yet. (Will we meet Elizabeth and hear her story?). I highly recommend this fast-moving adventure story with exquisite details and lovable characters."


"Super FUN read! Lots of twists and turns to keep the reader hooked. Can’t wait for book two!"

AMAZON REVIEW: Not just another Vampire series!

"Vampires, you say? I’m in. Fantastical beings and the possibility of stumbling upon them in the woods, even better.
The story moves quickly bringing to life a vivid, beautiful world and a wonderfully diverse and charming ensemble.
I hate reviews that hint at details of the story, so just know that I thoroughly enjoyed this adventure and am eagerly anticipating Book 2.

Allow yourself to be drawn into Michael’s world; you’ll be glad you did.

AMAZON REVIEW: Fantasy fiction for the "FRIENDS" crowd!

"I self identify more as a Monica than a Bella, so I was surprised to be drawn into this book about vampires and elves so completely. The story is fantastic and yet relatable, weaving pixies, brownies, and dragons with the familiar world of Alexa, craft breweries, and chocolate milk, and I found myself relating to the characters in a real way. The strong female (and remarkably human) characters along with the recently minted vampire lend a recognizable and thoughtful perspective for readers new to the genre with no need for heavy exposition. Instead, the author plops the reader immediately into the world of the book, with the fast-moving plot sweeping seamlessly from the Blue Ridge Parkway into the parallel Elven world of Fae, bringing the good-natured dogs along with the reader for a phenomenal adventure. As relationships developed and new mythical creatures were introduced, I found each plot turn engaging and, more interestingly, I was struck by how these characters, with differing magical delineations, could authentically grow into such fast friends.

AMAZON REVIEW: Vampires and Faeries! What's not to like? 

"I always enjoy reading someone else's take on supernatural beings. 'Lineage' is a fun ride and I'm just so thankful that this vampire doesn't sparkle!."

GOODREADS REVIEW: Love this so much! 

"Love this so much! Cannot say enough!! This tale will take you on twists and turns. The author’s description is so vivid and imaginative. Left me wanting a good way. Cannot wait for book 2!"

GOODREADS REVIEW: This book turned vampire lore on it's fang!

"There's a lot to digest in this new vampire adventure - this is not your typical vampire and his friends. I don't want to divulge too much but let's just say the cast of characters are very diverse. All I know is, I want his house. He's from VA Beach and it looks like the sequel begins at Peabody's in VB."


"This book was a lot of fun to read! The hooks and twists kept me reading well into the night, and the characters are very relatable. Can't wait to read book two!"


"I just finished this book and cannot say enough about it. So awesome! A story so vivid and imaginative, you’ll be craving more. Cannot wait for book 2!"


"You MUST read this gem."


"This is a super fun read, easy to dive in and get hooked. The character development is superb, the story is engaging and unpredictable - a perfect meld of fantasy and vampire genres with lots of heart thrown in for good measure. For me, the mark of a great book is that you're sad to leave the world and characters behind....and that's exactly how I felt at the end of this book. Thank goodness book 2 is this series is available!"


"I couldn't get enough of this book. I truly enjoyed the storyline and premise of the book. It's a modern take on vampires. It has everything- danger, excitement, love, loss, magic, fantasy and twists and turns. I had no idea how the story would end and at every turn I kept wanting more! Being from Virginia I loved all the local references too. By the end of it I felt like I knew these characters. It's so current and relevant. I think this is a book for everyone! I've just started the second edition Heritage and can't wait to see what these characters get into this time around!"


"The story adeptly weaves between the near-present and fantasy worlds, with lots of action throughout.

It opens with Michael, a lonely vampire, watching from a distance as a mysterious stranger waits for something all night on a mountain overlook across the way. Michael has more-or-less lived alone since being turned twenty years ago, and knows no other vampires. He wonders if he might finally have encountered another of his kind, and once he takes the step to go meet the stranger the action never slows down.

At the end of Book I, we've figured out a little about who is who, and have some hints as to why vampires seem so rare, but there are about ten open threads for every closed one so there is lots of room for further books in the series. I'm eager to jump into Book II."


"Lineage immediately welcomes you into a world of vampires and fairies, but this isn't your typical read. These characters pull you in as you escape into a world where laughs, danger, and your wildest dreams are around every corner. I am hooked on the story line and cannot wait to see what's next for my favorite characters. Bring. On. Heritage."


"What an exciting read and an amazing journey into a fantasy world. The characters all have compelling and believable personalities...which is surprising since most are elves, werewolves or ferries. I got lost in the a good way...and found my thoughts drifting back to the plot whenever I wasn't reading.

Looking forward to Book 2 and future works from this author."


"I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it….but let me tell you, I could not put it down! I could not wait to read the next chapter all throughout the book! The characters’ development was awesome - the descriptions of the different worlds made me feel like I was there, seeing it for myself. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series! Excellent job, David!"


"This story is amazing from beginning to end, and weaves a unique, yet timeless tale; from the familiar details of home, having been born and raised in Central VA, to the fantasy world of the Fae, this story never skips a beat.

The characters are written to be so unique, but all together, they form the perfect unit. The nuances of each personality that seem to be brought out in different ways by each of the characters can only be done by someone who has really thought out every detail to bring these characters to life on the page.

If you love pop culture references, action movies, love stories, fantasy creatures, and the feeling of not being able to put a book down, then this is the read for you!"


"Good series i’m already reading the second one."

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