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Fate: Book 2

AVAILABLE FORMAT(S): Paperback / eBook / Limited Edition (Coming Soon) / Audiobook


After decades of living in resigned isolation, with only his dogs for companionship, Michael found himself surrounded by new and exciting friends. More than that, he found a family—but his new companions came with new complications.

Michael was kidnapped by pixies, thrown into a world outside of his reality, and watched his only home burn to the ground. He fought elves, dragons, and even a race of beings sworn to hunt and destroy vampires. Vampires like Michael. But every bizarre and wonderful twist confirmed that he was part of something he never thought he’d have again, and Michael swore nothing would come between him and his new family.

Now, to protect the very people he holds so dear, he embarks on a new quest. Michael must fight a new enemy…but he’s never faced his own kind before. He’ll be forced to confront the one who created him—the very vampire who abandoned Michael just hours after changing his life forever, who left him alone in a new and dangerous world so many years ago.

Michael must now face Elizabeth.

…and that’s the least of his concerns.

GOODREADS REVIEW: "Buckle Up and Hang On!" 

"Buckle up and hang on! This second book in the FATE series reads incredibly fast for its size. Why? Because you won't want to put it down! I power-read this in record time because the author keeps the reader engaged, whether by introducing new characters not seen in Book 1 (hint: these personalities are fantastic additions to the cast), moving quickly between scenes to keep you turning the page, or describing a setting so precisely that you feel as if you're immersed in the scene, not just watching it.

By the way, if you like reading a book where you regularly exclaim, out loud, "..wait, WHAT?!?" or "What just...?!?" or even "WTF?!?" - this is a book for you. The author keeps it unpredictable in the best way. There is also a clear evolution of the storyline between LINEAGE and HERITAGE: while the first book dazzled with its introduction of characters, worlds, and races you don't expect, this second title digs in, expands those worlds, and introduces levels of complexity that add richness to the story and complications to the plot lines.

The only problem with this book is that Book 3 isn't out yet!!!"


"This is a terrific storyline. I loved getting to know some of the characters better. It was good to hear more from Elizabeth and all the old vampires. The vivid descriptions of the local landscape made me feel like I was right in all the action. A good, solid page-turner that I would recommend to anyone searching for an adventure story."

AMAZON REVIEW: "You won't be able to put this one down!" 

"Such a great book! Book #2 in the series continues to draw you into the world of vampires and Fae. You become invested in all of the characters and everything they are going through. I am not going to give anything away but the ending kept me up a little too late because I could not put it down and was too excited to actually get to sleep. I cannot wait to see what happens in the Book #3!"

AMAZON REVIEW: "Very good book!" 

"This is a fine fantasy vampire and fae fantasy novel. The first book in the series is also fine. I anxiously await the sequel."

GOODREADS REVIEW: "Forget your plans!" 

"This book was a seemed a little slow at the start, and then before you realize you're forgetting any other plans for the night. A good book!"

AMAZON REVIEW: "Good Story!" 

"I've read the first two books... This guy has some decent writing skills and has created a believable universe. Nothing like the usual vampire and elven tropes ... I just like his writing style. Story lines build upon one another. Worth the time."

AMAZON REVIEW: "Super good books!!!" 

"Love the characters! David writes like you can hear the conversations live. Like you are right there with them. Read the 1st one in 2 days. Same for book 2. Can't wait for 3! I live in VA Beach so it is fun to know where it all takes place. Definitely have all the action scenes vividly etched in my mind. So gooood!!!! Great job David! Great mind and imagination to write like this!!"

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